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Don’t Dim to Fit In
A guide for exceptional women to live life with a leadership mindset

As women we have been programmed to fit in and behave a certain way to get ahead in our careers and life generally. If we don’t conform to societal norms we are deemed ‘too much’ and beat ourselves up with guilt, shame and embarrassment. This conditioning can
hold us back from fulfilling our potential.

Join Don’t Dim to Fit In author Kate Cousens in a book of self-discovery which will help you to shine your light. You’ll learn how to push through your self-limiting beliefs, mindset blocks, and common forms of self-sabotage that can block your success.

This savvy handbook gives you the tools, knowledge, and confidence you need to stand out and shine, so that you can reach your highest potential.


Ladder Climbing in High Heels
A professional woman’s guide to climbing the career ladder

Research tells us that women’s careers suffer due to lower self-confidence, greater family responsibilities and fear of failure. Ladder Climbing in High Heels explores these issues and offers practical advice for women who want to get ahead at work without compromising their personalities or femininity.


Kate Cousens shares her experiences of climbing the corporate career ladder in male dominated industries, offering light-touch theory and guidance on issues such as self-belief, communication, resilience, emotional intelligence, mentoring and networking.


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