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Hey friend! I am a confidence coach on a mission to help everyone reconnect with their true, authentic self and build rock-solid self-belief and confidence. Why? Because I believe that when we step into our power, the whole world gets a boost!

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In a world that has historically wanted people to fit into moulds, labels, and cultural norms, I’m here to remind you that you’re already fantastic just the way you are. No need to wait until you hit that ‘perfect’ weight or until you feel ‘ready’. Show up and shine now – don’t dim to fit in!

I get that the journey of self-discovery is different for everyone, and that’s where I come in. I’ve got the coaching tools, insights, and a big dose of friendly encouragement to help you navigate your unique path. Whether you’re battling self-doubt, lacking in motivation, wrestling with imposter syndrome, or just want to crank up your overall sense of confidence, you’re in the right place.

My approach? I believe you’ve already got everything you need inside you to reach your full potential. I’m just here to hold up a mirror and help uncover what’s hidden within. Boosting your self-esteem isn’t just the goal – it’s the gateway to a more fulfilling life, where you believe in yourself and have the courage to chase your dreams!

Why me? Because I have done HEAPS of work on this myself. I don’t consider myself a guru on the subject of confidence, but I am a contributor. I have helped loads of people that I have come into contact with in my career and business, and I want to help you too. And if I can show up with all my imperfections and shortcomings, maybe I can pave the way and be a role model for you to do the same.

I’ve got practical strategies, loads of inspiration, and a supportive vibe to help you tackle challenges, set major goals, and confidently own the unique qualities that make you, well, YOU.

Come join me on this empowering journey of self-discovery. Together we’ll build trust in your abilities, celebrate your brilliant individuality, and live authentically. Let’s create a world where everyone is filled with self-belief, confidence, and the freedom to live unapologetically themselves.
Kate x


Client feedback...

"I had the absolute joy of working with Kate this year. I came to her as I was feeling stuck at work, unsure of how I could effectively develop in my current role and also knowing that I needed a guiding gentle hand. At every step of the way Kate’s empathy and passion for helping others through coaching shone through. We talked about what she could help me with and set a plan for the coaching sessions. From the first meeting and throughout my sessions she made me feel relaxed and comfortable. She gently guided me through understanding and really thinking about my values, my self-limiting beliefs and what I could do to feel less stuck. I left our coaching sessions feeling more empowered and aware of what was in my control. Thank you so much Kate. I gained a lot from your coaching and from the way you saw the opportunities rather than the limits."

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